Four Benefits of Having a Dog

Given that my children are a bit more aged (7 and 5), I’ve been thinking of getting them a pet dog. For many years, I would always insist that our home would stay pet-free because I was already fed up by smelly diapers and a messy dining table—I didn’t want to add more to that chaos.

But right now they are older and even more self-sufficient. My heart tends to be softer because I am now considering allowing them to have a pet. I have lots of experiences with dogs when I was still young, and I want my children to have that same joy I had. I’ve done a bit of research and here are some benefits I’ve identified:

1. Teach one how to be responsible

Plenty of moms and dads are cautious about getting a puppy because they dread that they will be the one who will take care of her. The younger your sons or daughters are, the fewer the number of responsibilities they have. Even the youngsters (2 to 4 years old) can provide help like put puppy food in the bowl as well as help brush their teeth. Just balance the level of responsibility according to age and free time and you will see the whole family can get involved.

2. Lets you exercise

Simply by their very nature, dogs need a lot of exercise, which could be the next-best-thing for a family that is more of a couch potato. You’ll have a very built-in excuse to go on lots of walks. Find a park and play with your dog all day long.

3. Creates a more resistant body

Studies have showed that children who grow along with pets inside your home have a reduced chance to acquire asthma, eczema, and also allergies. Keep that in mind if you’re focused on the possible allergic reaction or environmental impact of dogs on your residence.

4. Reduce stress levels

You would likely not expect this but a 2002 research found that when performing stressful tasks, people have less stress when their pets are around—even lower compared to when their spouse, other family members or friends were there. People with dogs tend to have lower blood pressure levels than those who don’t.

These are some of the great benefits of having a dog.

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